Hello.  I’m Jared Monkman.  I like having conversations with people, and sometimes I have insightful things to say.  Sometimes I have nothing to say, and that’s ok.  Sometimes I wonder if Hot Dogs are sandwiches.

I’m born and raised in the NWT, and as much as I dislike identifying with the place I was born, a part of me is in the North.  I feel like being from the North has helped to shape the way I view the world, and that comes through in the conversations you’ll hear on the podcast.

I also have a brain tumour.  I try to not let this define me, but sometimes I don’t give the disease the credit that it’s due in shaping my life.  The tumour is on my pituitary gland and has caused severe vision loss.  Because of this I have trouble navigating the world, but it’s also provided me opportunities that I couldn’t ever have imagined.

Through the podcast I try to navigate the disease, figure who I am and what defines me, and along the way, talk to some interesting people.

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